What I can do …

What I can do …

I will give money to organizations that fight for justice. I will speak out against injustice when I see it. I will speak up for righteous behavior when I see it. I will create opportunities for others when I can. I will open doors for others where I can. I will love with my whole heart.

I will be in control of what I can and not be in despair about what is out of my control. I will do the work to expand my territory through collaboration so I can be of greater service than what’s possible by myself.

I will build community, nurture community, support community.

I will do what is necessary to be the best version of myself, for only the best version of me can be the best advocate for others.

I will do my best to do these things for myself, and pray that you will do the same for you.

The more disciplined and prepared I am individually, the stronger we are collectively.