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Hey there!

It's TC (aka Tasha – if you know me from before law school). Welcome to my personal home on the world wide web!

Here is where you can learn my thoughts on working, serving, and living well. Just check out the link below.  It's my goal for this to be a special place on the web where you can get comfortable, be vulnerable, learn, grow, and share. 

Invest some time in looking around.  🙂  I hope you'll enjoy it here and you'll let me get to know you by joining my Facebook group for faith-driven leaders. 

If you're interested in learning exactly how to use the power of social media marketing to increase your influence and build your brand, head on over UpwardAction® Media.  You'll learn exactly what you need to dominate the Internet at

If you're a leader or business owner in a non-religious industry who want to learn exactly how to align your work in the marketplace with your faith, be sure to visit and take full advantage of all the wonderful resources we have there. 

Blessings!  ~ TC 

PS – If you want to read my bio and learn more about my professional background, click here. 

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Listening to this podcast will help you live out your calling in every workplace and industry regardless of whether you are working in your purpose or are on the way to doing so.   

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