2020 Vision – Midpoint

2020 Vision – Midpoint

We are half-way through 2020 and it's proving to be a year like none other. 

Clear vision and abundance in the aggregate (even during turmoil and pain) are showing up in the most unpredicted and unexpected ways.

A few noteworthy things come to mind:

  1. We're in the middle of the largest civil rights movement in the world (all 50 states and more than a dozen countries) and have the best chance of meaningful criminal justice reform.
  2. Black people, white people, and other people of color who were previously afraid, unaware, or for some other reason, hesitant to speak up against racial injustice and in favor of being anti-racist are using their voices. 
  3. Corporations and small businesses are making bold and positive statements about combating racial inequality; now, we'll see what they do.  
  4. More people are developing businesses and side hustles than ever before (although many out of necessity), opening people's eyes to business and ownership.
  5. People have slowed down and decluttered their lives (at home, at Work, and internally) of unnecessary stuff and busyness.
  6. People of faith are remembering that life is precious, and ultimately God is in control, not humans.  * Human beings did not predict what we're going through in this season and can't predict what will come in the next six months.
  7. Parents are having more time than ever to be with their children. I've heard lots of complaints but many more appreciating the time with their young people. *I don't have children – so, this is second-hand info. 

There has undoubtedly been a lot of pain during this year for many people.  We are praying for people all over the world who are suffering during this season. Even through pain, this season has revealed life-changing blessings. 

Our clients are experiencing:

  • Clear vision (because of the elimination of distractions during this season of quarantine and self-isolation); 
  • More constant time in prayer and meditation with the Lord (because we are in crisis); and, 
  • Increased blessings that flow from using this mandated time-at-home to be reflective and creative.

Never before has the world paused because of simultaneous pandemics – COVID 19 and racial injustice. And, prayerfully, never in our lifetime (or the lifetimes of generations) to come will it happen again. 

The year 2020 continues to be significant and continues to hold the potential to inspire and ignite transformation that can impact generations to come.   

How are you using this time in history? 

Your answer can change your life.