On Creating …


I spent a part of my early morning thinking about the process of creating … and to be more specific, birthing an idea into some form of reality.

An imperfect (and maybe even highly flawed) reality that needs to be edited, or refined, or otherwise modified and altered as it goes through the necessary stages of growth and development … on its journey to maturity and full impact.

* * * *

Here's what I know about creating and giving life to something that did not exist before (e.g., books, programs, music, art, and so on) …

  • The more you do a thing, the better you'll be at doing your thing.
  • The more you surround yourself with a thing, the more comfortable you'll be with it (and less distracted by naysayers).
  • The more you create an environment in the space around you to support your thing, the more you'll be able to envision yourself BEING who you were created to be while doing your thing.
  • The more you surround yourself with people who are doing their thing, the more encouraged you'll be to do your thing. <<Avoid folks standing on the sidelines of their lives, gifts, and talents.>>
  • The more accountability you build in your life, the more consistent you'll become at doing your thing. <<Masterminds, coaches, consultants, and a community that goes hard for you is important.>>
  • The more you SHARE the things you've given life … (i) the more people you'll impact, (ii) the more responsibility you'll feel for continue to give life to your God-given ideas, (iii) the more consistent you'll become, and (iv) the bigger impact you'll make.
PHOTO: Inspired by my favorite mug from my favorite writing group, my favorite banana/peanut butter smoothie, my favorite notebook, and three of my favorites magazines (Essence, Fast Company & Entrepreneur).


  • What ideas are waiting for you to give them life?
  • What have you already birthed during this time of self-isolation or self-quarantine?