About special occasions

About special occasions

Let's talk about special occasions … 

So, I've had this gorgeous tea set for two years. It was a lovely gift for a special occasion in my life. And, last Saturday was my first time ever using it. It's so pretty and fancy to me that I've always felt I needed a special occasion for it.

Last Saturday was such a special occasion, and so I pulled it out, but then once that beautiful day was over, I could not bring myself to tuck my lovely tea set back into its box … up and away from use.

As I was thinking about this whole notion of special occasions, it became more clear to me than ever before that this moment of me typing this post on Facebook (that I will not edit before posting the first time) is a special occasion.

And, every single opportunity I have to sit and write and study and share and engage and otherwise communicate with my community is an occasion special enough to warrant the use of my gorgeous teacup – IF, I take the time to make what's in the teacup special.

For me, that means making a cup of fresh lemon, ginger or mint tea – or some combination. For you, it could be something else. 😀

One lesson from this season of “corona” that I'll keep with me — and hope that you will too — is that every single opportunity we have to do something we love and for which we are willing to go the extra mile is a special occasion that is worthy of special things.

And, it should be a non-negotiable (must happen every single day – no excuses) goal to do what's necessary to have such a special occasion every single day.

That's all for now.

What's something you love doing that you can, currently do, or will turn a daily special occasion?