Are you creating?

Are you creating?

I’ve always loved to read. As a child, I loved reading because through books I could travel the world and indulge in experiences beyond my then imagination. As an adult, books help increase my practical knowledge for effectiveness in my business & legal career and expand my sense of possibilities for my self and others.

As I become more seasoned in age (😜) my growing love for writing expands what reading has given me and helps me pay forward my experiences in life, law, and businessSubscribe to our FaithFocusFlow® eLetter to read more of what I'm writing.  Here's the link:

It is my hope and prayer that this season of being self-isolated because of the coronavirus will inspire creators (LIKE YOU) and the creative parts of each of us to produce in a way that leaves a legacy for those who will read about this particular time in history in generations to come.

The world is currently seeing creators (like incredible singers, musicians, DJs, and interviewers) actively involved in creating content and making art that uplifts us all.  My businesses are actively engaged in creating more practical, inspirational, and motivational content than ever before. Check us out on Instagram in particular (e.g., FaithFocusFlow on IG and FaithFocusFlow Threads on IG). 

How are you expressing yourself creatively during this season?

Let me know!