Launching Into 2017

Tasha Cooper Welcome to 2017

In just a few hours we'll say goodbye to 2016 and welcome in 2017.  This is a perfect time to reflect on the past so you can effectively focus on the new.  Start this process by answering 7 questions.

  1. What did you accomplish in 2016?  No matter how good or bad you felt the year went, take time to write down at least 5 things. They can be a simple as waking up and washing your face every day or as complex as writing and publishing a best selling book.  Doesn't matter what you write down as long as you write down no less than 5 things.   Once those things have been written, write down what traits, habits or actions helped you make them happen.
  2. In what ways did you waste time in 2016? Once you have the answer, write down exactly what you'll do to avoid repeating the same mistakes in 2017.  Knowledge is the beginning of power.
  3. What do you really want in 2017?  Think about your health, career, finances, and relationships. business,
  4. How will your life change when you get what you really want? 
  5. What difference does this change make to you or others? 
  6. What can you do every single day for the next 90 days to make whatever you wrote down in #3 happen … and as fast as possible?  What resources do you need to invest in (that you have the fund or time to invest in) to make this happen?  Write down those things that are accessible now or within the next couple of days.  These questions is designed to help you get into the action of making your goals your reality now, not later.
  7. Who can you enlist to keep you accountable to what you wrote down in #6? 

Once you've considered these questions and you've written down the answers, you're ready to make 2017 the most productive and satisfying year of your life.